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[sticky post] Final update

I didn't drop off the face of the earth or die.  I've been dealing with school and my living situation after graduation.  I also joined tumblr and noticed that lj is dead for the most part so I'm leaving.  I'm moving to wordpress as my writing blog.  I will need a blog dedicated to my writing and lj is not the right site. Lj has given me problems when it came to posting my work. i will post on deviantart as well if you still stay there.  Once I graduate, I will figure out a release schedule. For now I'm going to release 3 new installments on wordpress before graduation.  here is the link: http://bonnypennell.wordpress.com/ 


Don't expect new posts, because I have to go home to a dead 7 month kitten.

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T&B Hero Awards 2011

totally worth all the money i paid for.

finally finish my response comic

ya i was sopose to finish this weeks ago but stuff happened. it turned out better than i thought.

Found my iPod. Apparently it was not stolen but it's been 7 lonely months without it.

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GOT 87.5 % ON MY JAPANESE FINAL <3 <3 <3 

plushie <3

My Kotesu plushie shipped from japan today.  I hope i get him valentines days.